Our Mission

The Mission for Africa Economic Foundation, Inc.(AEF) is to assist African countries in their quest for Sustainable Economic Development. The organization is therefore designed to contribute to economic development in the society at various levels by identifying and promoting the exploitation of the continent’s vast natural resources for the welfare of multi-stakeholder with a view of minimizing the disparities and not for the exploitation of its people as it has been in the past. 

Our office

Our Vision

AEF envisions a time when communities will:
1. Take leadership in alleviating poverty with the support of national systems and development partners.
2. Identify their needs, define their strategies, implementation and receive the desired technical support from the national system, as is their right. To make this happen, AEF Inc. seeks to work with organizations, agencies and governments to inject into systems projects design with appropriate capacity building component aimed at strengthening and empowering communities. To avoid duplication AEF Vision, mission and approaches are unique. AEF program partnership is at the grass-root level and a bottom up approach is emphasized in the planning and implementation of community based initiatives. With focus on grass root activities, AEF can serve as an extension arm of many organizations, thus uniquely avoiding being a competitor. The vision and mission statement below highlights the uniqueness of AEF. AEF believes that if this approach is adapted Africa wide, it will maximize returns from the continent’s resources and promote equitable distribution of investment opportunities and the associated returns. AEF was born out of Africa and is committed to work with other partners to make a difference in Socio-economic development inn Africa. If you share our vision and a great to be counted in contributing to development at the grass root level, visit our contact page.

Our partners offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous positions. We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.