We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.

Network for Health Services

AEF is working closely with West End Medical Solutions (WEMS) to come up with an innovative way of reaching the communities with quality health care services. Recognizing that the challenges communities face in getting access doctors, laboratory services and quality medication, AEF has a Franchise based concept where WEMS will work with selected practitioners in rural settings to set up quality services...........(Read more)

Water Harvesting

The baseline study that the community contacted in 2001, showed lack of water to be the greatest threat to any effort towards the transformation of Kilisa village or any other village for that matter. The community got to work applying multiple approaches to water resource development. Their effort is bearing fruits and there is evident impact. .......(Read more)

Village Based Health Care

AEF directors have been advocates for universal education and increased access to health care. When the community requested the Patron KVDC (a Co founder and Director with AEF) for land to put up project center to house adult education and health care, the response was quick........(Read more)

Alternative Energy

Lack of the traditional source of energy in the village due to shortage of tree felling and therefore shortage of firewood is one of the problems encountered by rural populations.This was as well identified at the baseline study conducted by KVDC community. Based on this the community was advised to seek alternative energies........(Read more)

Fruit Processing Plant

Kiteta location is in the Fruit growing zone. Nearly all households have citrus fruit trees and the effort has been intensified since the beginning of KVDC project and the initiative is spreading fast in the new Mbooni District. Because of dependence on rainfall, most of fruits are harvested seasonally. When harvest time comes, the fruits have to be sold quickly and cheaply to avoid spoilage........(Read more)