Success stories #7: Village based Education and Health care:

AEF directors have been advocates for universal education and increased access to health care. When the community requested the Patron KVDC (a Co founder and Director with AEF) for land to put up project center to house adult education and health care, the response was quick. The patron donated three acres of land, and shared his vision on the proposed center. He shared a sketch layout of the envisioned “Community based training center of excellence”.The pictures below demonstrate the gradual growth of the envisioned center. The community center started with a temporary structure (picture below left - 1) that served as a multipurpose center for growth monitoring, nutrition and adult education. Its design is based on traditional architectural design. Grass thatched houses that characterized rural villages are very rare to find as grass has become a rare commodity among other reasons.This effort attracted financial support from Community Based Nutrition Project (CBNP),a program supported by DANIDA. With this support, the community put up a permanent toilet (2 below) and a permanent block (3,4,5 ) where adult education and village based health care are currently provided.

                                                   1                                                                                                                          2                                                                                                              3


                                                                                                      4                                                                                                     5