December 2008

Although AEF establishment finds its roots in the Founding directors’ efforts towards stimulating the community involvement in development in the 1980s, meaningful involvement did not manifest until 2002. This history is reflected under history section of this Website. To keep track of developments, AEF updates its achievements every year in-order to show the gradual progression by showing serial pictures of the success stories. Each section ends with a summary statement on the next steps to inform  otential partners and also to guide those communities who may need to replicate any of the innovations. At a later stage these success stories will be summarized into a news letter in Pdf. The following sections highlight the success stories so far.

Success stories #1-- introduction – keeping the vision and momentum:

At the setting up of Kilisa community Development project, the Patron who is a Cofounder of Africa Economic Foundation (AEF) referred to the baseline study that the community had undertaken and helped the community to set their goals and priorities. To give the community a reference, he made a sketch Map of Kilisa Village as it looked in 2002 (Kilisa Today - 2002) and the way it could look if the community bought into the idea of protecting the environment, planting tress, preventing soil erosion and nsuring water catchment in all the streams and rivers surrounding the village. The sketch was to serve as reminder on one of the key impact expectations.He pointed that Kilisa was surrounded by two seasonal rivers which provided a unique opportunity to transform a village that was considered to be remotest in Kiteta location to a vibrant village on its way to achieving the Millennium Decade Goals (MDGs)

The Patron’s Vision: Kilisa Today (2002) and Kilisa in the future:

As seen in this picture on the left of the box, the village’s environment had significantly deteriorated due to repeated droughts, soil erosion, tree felling, overgrazing etc. There

was therefore very little cover. The village turned into a dusty brown village during the dry months. The sketch on the right envisions a green village.


The AEF has been consistent in motivating Kilsa community and linking them up with development partners. The following section on success stories is a pictorial demonstration of the gradual progression towards the transformation of Kilisa Village. Each part highlights the impact being realized and the next steps.

For a rural setting WATER is the most important single resource that will catalyze the achievement of MDGs. AEF knows how this can be achieved but do not have the means to do so. AEF welcomes partners who share this vision to transform villages and nations. Join us as we show how – Visit “how to get involved section”

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