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AEF was born out of Africa and is committed to work with other partners to make a difference in Socio-economic development in Africa. If you share our vision and have great to be counted in AEF effort  towards development at the grass root level, visit our contact  page. AEF is aimed at expanding this dream from village level to Africa continent level. A congrumalation of poor citzen constitute a poor village. The summation of poor villages is a poor nation. It therfore logical to start at the grass root level inorder to make a difference at the National and Global level. Leaders in Africa, technocrats,  communities and development partners need to be sensintive to this phenomenon at all stages of program design, funding and implementation. AEF recognizes the fact that Africa has many partners willing and assisting in their guest for socioeconomic development. However impact has has not matched the effort possibly due to top down approaches. concerned about this, AEF is committed to guide  communities in developing working model innitiatives for sustainable development at grassroot level. AEF welcomes you in this journey. 



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