In assisting communities, a broad based partnership is required to address the many intertwined social problems. In this regard AEF strives to create strong partnership
between the communities, the government and development partners. In one of our model CBO, KVDC, the partnership has continued to grow. The Government has been the greatest partner providing support through the District development Unit. This working relationship with the development office provides an opportunity for accessing public resources and technical expertise.In addition, AEF has sourced and encouraged partners to visit the KVDC site to explore opportunities for collaboration. The result has been a growing list of partners which include:
  • The Patron and family donated 3 acres of land for the project site,
  • DANIDA through the CIF within their CSSP initiative -- tree nurseries, Horticulture farming, construction of the latrine, Construction of Bamako initiative shelter and adult education class, the de-silting of Kalangini dam,fencing of Kalangini dam, Bee keeping and three bicycles for transport.
  • SACDEP supported the construction of two biogas plants, one shallow well, twosolar panels and a plough.
  • Bethel Foundation supported a reservoir tank.
  • IFAD supported seeds for Horticulture
  • AEF continues to provide school uniforms to OVCs, technical support, vision and guidance.
  • National Poverty Eradication program in support of Micro financing and cash crops.
  • Church world Services contributed towards the de-silting of the dam
  • The Community - In kind contribution by the community was the greatest input
  • Africa Rising -- continues to create awareness on AEF grassroot informations and also linking AEF with partners.
  • FriendsUnite -- contributed seed money into the palnned Food Bank ds Unite
  • International Foundation -- Provided start up funds for the Green House -- BOT initiative. 

So far Community commitment and participation is the most important factor in the success stories recorded with KVDC project. This will be an important lesson to any community that may wish to replicate KVDC's initiatives.

Your support and donations will help KVDC in training other communities" ---- Visit Pay pal page to make your kind donation.





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